Crop farming zone set up involving 60 soums

2018-05-16 16:03:52
Ulaanbaatar/MONTSAME/ During the regular Cabinet Meeting on May 16, a resolution was made to set the specific crop farming zone which will involve 113 baghs (the smallest administrative division of Mongolia) of 60 soums of seven aimags; Selenge, Tuv, Darkhan-Uul, Khentii, Uvurkhangai, Bulgan and Arkhangai.
An issue on establishing specific farming zone was under the study for over a decade. Eventually, it has been resolved. The resolution puts a basis to protect farming area and soil by means of developing farming and intensified animal husbandry in combination. 

With such arrangements, the government is ending a long-standing conflict and disputes between farmers and herders in relation to pasturing land and agrarian fields. 
Increased migrations of herding people into farming areas since 1990 caused the conflict. The growth of livestock has caused pastureland overgrazing by 30 percent and degrading soil of the farming area. Alongside, farmers raise many complaints about grazing animals on the farming fields.

In connection with the establishment of farming zone, governors of the aimags were assigned and Citizens’ Representative Meetings of the aimags were advised to take measures to intensify and diversify crop production and develop it in combination with intensified animal husbandry, in harmony with local development policy and general plan.

In addition, herders living in farming area will be relocated in areas with pastures and water points and will be supported to be engaged in  intensified animal husbandry.