“Chandmani” Agro park delivering fresh products to customers

2017-04-26 13:09:16
“Chandmani” Agro-park, one of the leaders of Mongolia’s industrial technology, has launched a “Greenhouse complex” project in Bayanchandmani soum of Tuv aimag to deliver to domestic customers the organic products grown in the soil of Mongolia. 

The customers who used to head to greenhouses in the rural areas to get fresh vegetables and fruits in different varieties, are now able to buy these products with a tag ‘locally-made’ in supermarkets and grocery stores of Ulaanbaatar. 

“Chandmani” Agro-park, with an aim to provide fresh and organic products to the population of Ulaanbaatar, is planning to supply its products to military units in the future. 

Mongolia is aiming to establish domestic factories interconnected with each other as an Industrial Technological Park following the example of countries with highly developed industry. 

The agricultural and technological “Chandmani” Agro-park is working to establish shopping centers and factories to manufacture final products of milk, meat, fruits and berries and vegetables on its 80 hectares of land in Bayanchandmani soum within the framework of “Food Production” project. The Agro-park owns a total of 1900 hectares of land.
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