Mongolian Culture Abroad

2017-04-27 16:44:25
Mongolian cultural days in Hungary
The Embassy of Mongolia in Budapest, Hungary is organizing a Day for Promoting Mongolia at the Vorosmarty Square of Budapest. The event started on April 23 to continue until April 30.
Mongolian cultural center opens in Indonesia
Aimed at broadening cooperation between Mongolia and the Republic of Indonesia in all spheres and promoting Mongolian tradition and culture abroad, a Mongolian Culture Center opened in Indonesia. The ceremony also unveiled a statue of the Great Chinggis Khaan standing in front of the center. The culture center built in a design of Mongolian Ger will host cultural events and various workshops to introduce Mongolian traditions and customs to the Indonesian people. 
Bumbardaicomic book presented in Thailand
Mongolian comic book artist N.Erdenebayar presented his own comic book series named “Bumbardai” to the public during an opening ceremony of Asian Drawing Contest took place in Bangkok, Thailand on April 21-23.
He participated in the event as a judge. During the book promotion event, he also exchanged views on opportunities to publish the comic book series in thai language.
Blue Mongolethnic band attending Oriental Festival
Ethnic Band “Blue Mongol” or “Khukh Mongol” is representing Mongolia in the Oriental Festival 2017 (Festival dell’ Oriente) with their folk performance combined with contortion and folk dance and Mongolian ger stand in Rome, Italy,on April 21-29.
The “Blue Mongolia” band is introducing Mongolian culture to the festival visitors, quests and serves mongolian milk tea and traditional food. The ‘Blue Mongol’ group was formed 20 years ago in Germany and is now based in Bavaria.
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