Opening ceremony of Sainshand Salkhin Park held

2018-09-20 17:34:56

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Mongolia set as target to reach 20 percent  of renewables installed capacity by year 2020. In this context, the third and biggest wind park, Sainshand Salkhin Park LLC, celebrated the finalization of the construction phase on September 17, 2018 with the opening ceremony at the Sainshand site located in the Dornogobi aimag.


The construction project has registered 700,000 man hours without lost time incident since financial closing in August, 2017 and has been finalized 2 months ahead of schedule. The height of the construction mobilized around 400 workers, of which more than 95 percent Mongolians.

The celebration of the 55 MW Sainshand wind farm was attended by representatives of the Mongolian government, parliament members, organizations of energy sector, local government representatives, German Ambassador, representatives of the French Embassy, lenders, investors and other major stakeholders of the project.


The wind park and other ongoing energy developments will enable the Dornogobi aimag (province) to supply cities like Sainshand and Zamiin–Uud with renewable energy. Furthermore, the installed energy generation capacity also enables to export the sustainable energy to the South–Gobi grid.


Sainshand Salkhin Park will supply more than 100,000 households with energy and contribute to a greener economy with a potential reduction of more than 200 thousand tons of CO2 emissions per year.


The wind park project was initiated by Mr. Davaanyam and developed by the German Ferrostaal GmbH with world leading french energy company Engie. The total investment of 120 million USD is financed by lenders European Investment Bank, European Bank of Reconstruction and Development & EKF from Denmark together with the equity investors and developers including the Danish Climat Investment Fund.

                                                                                                                                            source: Sainshand Salkhin Park LLC