Mongolian judo athletes finishes “Baku-2018” with 3 bronze medals

2018-09-28 13:41:10

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. The "Baku-2018" World Judo Championship has selected its victors in the capital city of Azerbaijan on 20-26  September. From the women’s team, D.Sumiya in -57 kg and from the men’s team, L.Otgonbaatar in -100 kg and U.Duurenbaatar in +100 kg have won bronze medals. While M.Urantsetseg for women's -48 kg and G.Odbayar for men's -73 kg have placed 5th, G.Kherlen for men's -66 kg  team placed 7th.

800 judoists from 129 countries competed in the world championship among which 18 judo athletes from Mongolia, including Hero of Labor, Olympic gold and silver medalist N.Tuvshinbayar and Olympic silver medalist, World champion D.Sumiya.

To introduce the team which represented Mongolia: M.Urantsetseg for -48 kg, B.Khorloodoi and G.Gantsetseg for -52 kg, D.Sumiya and L.Enkhriilen for -57 kg, B.Mungunchimeg, B.Gankhaich for -63 kg and B.Munkhtuya for +78 kg from the women’s team, as for the men’s team, B.Amartuvshin for -60kg, G.Kherlen for -66 kg, G.Odbayar and Ts.Tsogtbaatar for -73 kg, O.Uuganbaatar for -81 kg, G.Altanbagana for -90 kg, L.Otgonbaatar for -100 kg and U.Duurenbayar and N.Tuvshinbayar have participated for the +100 kg division on the tatami mats in Baku.

The championship was broadcast live with the commentary of SPS HD channel’s sports commentator S.Shijirbat. The first of our athletes to challenge their strengths was world champion, State Honored Sportswoman M.Urantsetseg. She won a clean victory over the Cubian judoka with ippon and came out victorious from the A side, but had to face with a judoka of Kazakhstan, Olympic bronze medalist, G.Otgontsetseg and was defeated with a clean victory. G.Otgontsetseg grabbed bronze medal and M.Urantsetseg was ranked 5th.

Mongolian Hero of Labor, Olympic silver medalist, world champion D.Sumiya, who participated in the -57 kg class, won a bronze medal from the championship and was the first to be awarded a medal from the Mongolian team. She has now become the first judoka that brought 3 medals from the world championship with her previous achievements of bronze in 2015 and a gold medal in 2017.

International Master L.Otgonbaatar who participated in the -100 kg class, also won a bronze medal from the 2018 World Championship. In the first round, he faced U.S judoka L.A.Smith and was able to come out victorious with wazari in additional time. In the second round, he defeated Chilean judoka Thomas Briceno and became one of the top 16. In the next match, he defeated Latvian judoka Jevgeniys Borodavko. As for the last match of the B section, he won over Portugalian judoka Jorge Fonseca but lost against Georgian judoka Varlam Liparteliani. He claimed bronze medal after having a clean victory over Japanese judoka Wolf Aaron.

On the last day of the world championship, Olympic gold and silver medalist, bronze medalist of the world championship N.Tuvshinbayar was victorious over Kyrgyz and Chinese judokas, but lost to Krpalek Lukas from the Czech team. For the same weight class, IM U.Duurenbayar, who won silver medal twice in the Asian Games, claimed bronze medal.

In his first match, he had a clean victory over Pineda Pedro of Venezuela. For the second match, he was able to get a wazari point and eventually an ippon over Andy Granda of Cuba. For the match point for the B section, he faced with Olympic silver medalist, world champion Hisayoshi Harasawa and qualified for the semi-finals with an ippon. In the match for the silver medal, he lost to Georgian judoka of Guram Tushishvili and grabbed bronze medal of the championship. He became the second Mongolian judoka to be awarded with bronze medal in the heaviest weight class. Olympic gold and silver medalist, Hero of Labor N.Tuvshinbayar was able to get a bronze medal in the +100 weight class in the previous world championship in 2017.

The Mongolian President Kh.Battulga watched the matches of the day during his official visit in Azerbaijan.