Wrestler O.Nasanburmaa leads world ranking

2018-11-13 15:07:25

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. With the 2018 World Wrestling Championship having taken place recently, United World Wrestling has updated its freestyle world ranking.

Having won her fourth medal at the world championships in the women’s 72 kg, O.Nasanburmaa leads the world ranking with 53 points. Moreover, from our women’s team, 4 athletes were listed in the top 5, while 8 more athletes were listed in top 20.

For the top 5, IM E.Sumiya, IM E.Davaachimeg and IM B.Shoovdor ranked 3rd in 53 kg, 55 kg and 59 kg respectively, while E.Narangerel ranked 5th in 50 kg.

In the top 20, while IM A.Battsetseg ranked 14th in 57 kg, State Honored Sportswoman P.Orkhon and IM E.Gantuya ranked 11th and 12th in 62 kg and IM Kh.Bolortuya and IM E.Tsevegmid ranked 9th and 17th in 65 kg, State Honored Sportswoman S.Battsetseg and IM Sh.Tumentsetseg ranked 8th and 11th in 68 kg, and IM G.Naranchimeg ranked 11th in 76kg.