PM meets protesters against petrol price ups

2018-11-14 15:09:19

Ulaanbaatar/MONTSAME/ On November 13, Prime Minister U.Khurelsukh met representatives of citizens who organized the ‘protest with vehicles’ against the increase of petrol price which directly affects the prices of consumer goods and burdens livelihoods.


At the meeting, citizens touched some matters, including the conspiracy of fuel importers on raising the price and petrol stations deceive citizens by filling fuel incomplete or selling fake fuel.  


Prime Minister U.Khurelsukh expressed his concurrence with the consequence of price ups and said that the Government is impossible to hold fuel price strictly, but is making certain regulations, such as to zero excise duty on fuel import. “It is prioritized to put oil refinery into operation as soon as possible in order to provide domestic fuel needs,” said the PM.


The PM obliged heads of the State Professional Inspection Agency and Authority for Fair Competition and Consumer Protection to inspect the issues, criticized by citizens about fake fuel and incomplete filling of fuel.  “Besides state inspection body, a control of citizens is very important; thus let’s collaborate for justice,” added the PM.


In addition, the PM was informed that the protest which was organized for recent days by driving in circles with their cars around the State House and Sukhbaatar Square, honking their car horns, stopped at that instant.


Moreover, the citizens also said that they are so frustrated with lacking justice rather than other social problems, including price ups of fuel and consumer goods.