National gift of Mongolia to be auctioned at Miss World 2018

2018-11-20 15:21:32

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ The Chinggis Khan’s Golden gerege (plate) souvenir will be auctioned at the Miss World 2018. The national souvenir brought by Miss E.Enkhriimaa, who is representing Mongolia at the beauty pageant, was selected from over 120 national souvenirs.

The best souvenir title will bring additional scores to miss Enkhriimaa. The Golden gerege will be sold at a charity auction, all proceeds of which will be spent on humanitarian activities.

Every year the contestants bring national gifts from their home country. According to this tradition, miss Mongolia has brought the Golden gerege of Chinggis Khan, which was carried by Mongolian ambassadors and envoys to signify certain privileges and authority.

Gerege has the similar meaning with the words ‘letter of credence’, ‘guarantee’ and ‘stamp’. The Golden gerege created by Khas Goyol LLC is a 24-karat gilded silver plate on jade stone base. The gerege with inscription in Mongolian script “Under the power of the Eternal Tengri, Under the blessing of the Great Splendour” represents the glory of the state.