Emergency service workers to be ranked

2018-12-12 17:48:22

Ulaanbaatar/MONTSAME/ At the Cabinet’s regular meeting on December 12, a decision was made to give 1st-3rd specialty ranks to emergency service workers based on their skills.

The specialty ranks will have a specific valid terms, such as 3rd will be valid for two years, 2nd – three years and 1st -four years. Their salaries will be raised by 5-15 percent in according to their rankings.

Every year, a commission of the National Emergency Management Agency will carry out tests on general knowledge, physical preparedness level, psychological and special training and give specialty rankings.

It demands high professional skills and physical and psychological preparations from emergency staff when they carry out search-and-rescue operations and work for eliminating aftermath of disasters and accidents. For instance, carrying out a 90 minutes-long search-and-rescue operations in the deep water and landing by a parachute are equal to eight-hour workloads respectively. Moreover,  rescuer of mining and firefighter are considered the most hazardous or risky jobs according to the ILO survey. Thus it was decided to grant specialty ranks so as to specialize emergency staff and make them have much skilled.