President delivers remarks at Young Entrepreneurs Conference

2018-12-17 11:15:30

Ulaanbaatar/MONTSAME/ Under the auspices of the President of Mongolia, the Office of the President and the Young Entrepreneurs Council co-organized the Young Entrepreneurs Conference on December 15 in the State Palace.

In his opening remarks, President Battulga said: “A very good day to all the Mongolian & Korean young entrepreneurs!

During our meeting, President Moon Jae-in of the Republic of Korea and I had discussions on ways to expand and strengthen the economic and business relations between our two countries. I am very pleased that one of the ideas that we discussed has been set forward with the Young Entrepreneurs Conference that is being held in Ulaanbaatar today.

I confide in the ability of young people to contribute to developing traditional ties between our two countries on a new level and bringing fresh spirit. Only new people can bring about change. Young people are the driving force of change.

It is time for Mongolian & Korean young entrepreneurs to make their own contribution to the intensification and modernization of the economy of Mongolia, which has failed to keep pace with the rapidly changing landscape of global development. It is not really enough for young people to sit back and criticize. Young people must understand that nothing will take course of action on its own unless they do it.

Therefore, I would like to ask all of you to dedicate your inclination towards change, which is a defining characteristic of youth, for the development and prosperity of your country.”

During their meeting in Vladivostok, Russia in 2017, President Battulga and President Moon Jae-in exchanged views on the advancing people-to-people relations between the two countries, including about the potential for sufficient human resources in bilateral cooperation as there are over 100 thousand Mongolians who are fluent in Korean and more than 40 thousand Mongolians who live and work in the Republic of Korea. President Battulga pointed out that the Young Entrepreneurs Conference was being held under his auspices with the objective of improving the opportunities for doing export-oriented joint business.

President Battulga also spoke about the policies that are being implemented in agriculture and tourism sectors of Mongolia and wished success to the attendees of the conference.



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