Mining income up by 41.2 percent

2019-05-15 11:48:11

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ As reported by the Ministry of Mining and Heavy Industry, MNT 981 billion has been accumulated to the state budget from the mining sector in the first four months of 2019.

Accumulated income to the state budget rose by MNT 286.1 billion or 41.2 percent comparing to the previous year. Collected taxes and duties from minerals such as gold, coal, copper and spar have increased while tax income from zinc and iron have decreased.

Export of mining products reached USD 2.5 billion in the last 4 months. It is an increased performance by 18.2 percent or USD 386.6 million comparing to the same time of the last year. Iron ore, coal, copper, zinc and molybdenum concentrate and crude oil made up 83.2 percent of the total export.

Coal export reached 11.4 million tons or USD 961 million as a sum in the first 4 months of this year. The coal price per ton has been an average of USD 84.4 this year.

As of the first 4 months of 2019, 489.1 thousand tons of copper concentrate was exported, showing an increase of 30.5 thousand tons comparing to the previous year. For copper, average price per ton reached USD 1434 or upped by USD 65.4, reports the Ministry of Mining and Heavy Industry.