Street artists making ger area colorful

Art & Culture
2019-09-10 17:20:22

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ With aims to make children’s living condition brighter and develop positive attitude through arts, ‘Rainbow Cover’ (Solongon Burkhuul) street art project is being implemented by Creative Motion LLC with participation of 15 street artists.  

Mongolian best graffiti artists are partaking voluntarily in the project with motto ‘Let’s make ger area more colorful’ and drawing their creative works on the water kiosks in ger districts. Through their artworks the artists are striving to give positive attitude to children to be persistent for their dreams.

They completed their works in five locations out of planned nine water kiosks. The project has launched on August 24 and will continue until October 1.

“Since usually children collect water, we are creating our works on water kiosks. Moreover, we are using art therapy in color and incarnation of our creations. We hope that children who saw these graffiti paintings would have positive and bright feeling. We will broaden scope of our campaign next year and organize such activities in more locations,” director of ‘Creative Motion’ LLC B.Shinebileg said.    

In addition, Australian EightBallFilms’ director Kevin Flores has arrived in Mongolia to make documentary film about ‘Rainbow Cover’ art project for children. Moreover, artist Khos-Naran /Heesco/, who lives in Australia, came to his home country to participate in the project.

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