“Let’s change our toilets” campaign team working in UB as cold winter ahead

2019-09-18 13:19:23

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. “The Local Solutions” non-governmental organization known for its public awareness and fundraising campaigns to change toilets in Mongolia under the theme “Let’s Change Our Toilets” and to fight air pollution in Ulaanbaatar has recently introduced their latest “winter solution” to insulate homes and toilet cabins in Ger dwelling areas of Ulaanbaatar city. 

Having introduced different solutions of dry bio, Eco and composting toilets to replace current, poorly-functioning and groundwater polluting outdoor pit toilet, one of the pressing issues posing risks to the health and livelihood of the residents in Ger areas and countryside, the campaign team had been working in the rural areas of Mongolia. Now, they are continuing their works in Ger dwelling areas of the Ulaanbaatar city, presenting various solutions for more safe, affordable and environmentally friendly toilet along with winter insulation.

The winter solution contains a complex system to filter feces and urine and turn human waste into compost and the toilets are installed with European standard filtered and odorless seats as well as winter insulation for toilet. These eco-toilets can be installed at the entrance cabin of the houses and Gers during winter season, therefore, the users do not have to go outside or small children would not face any risks of falling down to the man-made holes. 

The campaign team also has been conducting a series of training aimed at reducing air pollution in the capital city. Chair of Board of the Local Solutions NGO Ts.Oyungerel called for the residents of the Ger districts to enhance their efforts to improve the insulation of gers and cabins in order to eliminate coal-burning stove uses, the largest contributor to the smog in Ulaanbaatar in winter. 

During one of the training and introduction meeting of the “Let’s Change Our Toilets” campaign, the Local Solutions NGO and World Vision Mongolia established a memorandum to give training to the Ger district residents. 

More information on the “Let’s Change Our Toilets” campaign can be found at www.jorlon.org website.