Illegal gold mining stopped in Selenge aimag

Economy | Mining
2019-09-19 11:25:25

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. A working group of General Intelligence Agency, Police Department, General Agency for Specialized Investigation and Mineral Resource Authority, led by Minister of Environment and Tourism N.Tserenbat worked in Selenge aimag on September 16-17. 

In compliance with the Prime Minister’s order made a few weeks ago, the Cabinet had resolved to stop illegal mining activities that are causing environmental degradation and revoke their licenses. The local authorities also were ordered to take measures for environmental rehabilitation in the area under the police protection. 

The working group checked up on the implementation of the orders and detected several violations. In Eroo soum of Selenge aimag, some 47 individual miners were found to be engaged in illegal gold mining, whose activities seriously affecting the environment. Not only their operations were suspended, but also, seven mining excavators and other equipment were confiscated at the site.