Land rehabilitation works conducted on 110 ha of area

2019-09-19 12:32:24

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ The Cabinet has resolved to stop exploration and mining operations that were being conducted at headwater or archeological sites.

Within it, 13 special licenses of entities, that were mining gold in territory of Orkhon bag (smallest administration unit) of Tsenkher soum, Arkhangai aimag, had been terminated, stopping activities and obliged to conduct land rehabilitation works.

On September 17, a working group appointed by the Government inspected implementation of the assignment on the spot. More than 190 employees of five companies are working with 66 equipment in the territory of Orkhon bag and they did land rehabilitation on a total of 110 hectares as of today, of which technical rehabilitation on 85 ha and biological rehabilitation on 25 ha of land.    


According to the plan, ‘BMNC’ LLC executed works on 34 ha area out of 48 ha area and rehabilitation on the remaining 14 ha area will be completed by October 1. While, ‘Ulz’ LLC has done rehabilitation on 64 ha area, ‘Altai gold’ LLC on 9 ha area out of 15 and ‘Batdulguunmurun’ LLC on 3 ha area respectively.

Rehabilitation works have to be done in total of 400 ha area in Orkhon bag of Tsenkher soum, Arkhangai aimag. The entities were instructed to run their rehabilitation until weather gets colder, speeding up the works, and rehabilitate all the areas.