30 percent of university energy demand covered with solar energy

2019-10-16 14:59:03

Orkhon /MONTSAME/ The Otgonbileg Shagdar University of Technology in Orkhon aimag has introduced an on-grid solar system to the university dormitory and is producing solar energy to cover 30 percent of the dormitory’s total energy demand  currently.

The on-grid solar system provides electricity produced from solar energy and sends excess power generated back to the grid and it has produced energy worth of MNT 300 thousand for three months or since 50 percent of the 5kWh solar plant was put into operation on June 28.

Under the project initiated by B.Kheeriinbaatar, Associate Professor at the university’s Department of Energy and Information Technology, a solar energy laboratory has been recently opened. The laboratory allows students to conduct research works getting all data in their cellphones.