Parachutists to compete in Asian Championship

2019-10-23 18:09:28

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. 19th ASIANA Parachuting Championships & China International Open 2019 will be organized by Asiana Parachuting Federation on October 1-11 in Jingmen, China.

Athletes of National Emergency Management Association of Mongolia (NEMA) are preparing for the competition. The team roster lists, Captain of Air Rescuing Squad of NEMA, Parachuting instructor, SM, Lieutenant B.Telmen, Head of the squad, Captain D.Batsumber, SM Ya.Sergelen, SM O.Batzolboo and SM M.Belgutei.

The participating Mongolian team is the 3 time champion of Mongolia and the 2 time champion of Ulaanbaatar city. Moreover, the team often takes part in the international joint-practices and tournaments.

Parachutists will compete in Skydiving, Accuracy Landing and Freefall style disciplines, according to National Emergency Management Association of Mongolia (NEMA).