Green Affordable Housing Project to build 10 thousand housing units in Ulaanbaatar

2019-12-04 13:45:49

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. On December 3, Asian Development Bank (ADB) and ‘Changemaker’ economic journalists club co-organized a workshop under the theme ‘Air pollution and Housing Provision’. 

At the event, Director of the Capital City Housing Corporation (CCHC) B.Sukhbaatar delivered a presentation on Green Affordable Housing project, which is under implementation by the CCHC and ADB Mongolia. 

The Government has approved a plan of a total of 150 thousand housing provision both in rural areas and Ulaanbaatar city in several housing construction projects. One of them is the Green Affordable Housing Project in Ulaanbaatar city, aimed at decentralization in the capital city and minimizing the negative impact on environment and human health.

The locations of the housing project are mainly the outskirts of Ulaanbaatar, including near the Buyant-Ukhaa airport, Auto market complex and so on. For instance, a construction of housing town complex for 7500 households on 129 ha of land is planned in the Morin Davaa in the east side of the city. 

Within the affordable housing project, the reasonably-priced housing towns will be developed on the six sub-centers to be established in the areas of Ulaanbaatar city, where there is no proper infrastructure engineering network. 

An important aspect of the green affordable housing is a housing that its cost (in rent or mortgage payments) does not exceed 30 percent of the gross monthly income of a low-income household and housing that has minimum heat loss, energy efficient, is designed to maximize the use of renewable energy and equipped with technology to use grey water.  

Director B.Sukhbaatar noted that a financing for 10 thousand households for the Affordable Housing Project is settled to date. USD 80 million loans by ADB with different sources, USD 145 million of loans and assistance by the Green Climate Fund, and USD 3 million by the High-Level Technology Fund and USD 35 million of funding from the Ulaanbaatar city as well as other financial sources, including of the Development Bank of Mongolia, project implementer and buyers are what constitute the total investment of USD 570 million of the Green Affordable Housing project in Ulaanbaatar city.