Notable sports achievements of Mongolia in 2019

2019-12-12 16:27:18

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. 2019 was a historical year for Mongolian sports history and here are the notable major sports achievements of 2019.


The year 2019 was a special year for Mongolian team sports history. In recent years, basketball particularly 3x3 basketball is developing in Mongolia rapidly and the teams have gained worldwide recognition and their success has grown dramatically. 

Mongolian women’s 3x3 basketball team directly qualified to participate in Tokyo-2020 Summer Olympics which made them to become the first Mongolians to ever compete in the Olympics in team sports. The team roster includes D.Ganzul, B.Bolor-Erdene, E.Chimeddolgor and B.Solongo.


Although Mongolian men’s team also was directly qualified to Olympics together with the countries Serbia, China and Russia in the first place but Japanese team guaranteed themselves a spot as a host nation. Mongolian 3x3 men’s team still have a chance to make it to Tokyo depending on their performance at the upcoming two Olympic qualifying tournaments in India and Hungary in March and April, 2020.

Other team sports besides basketball, particularly, football and hockey also getting internationally recognized and has been greatly appreciated by football fans and professionals in recent years with their remarkable performance at regional and international tournaments.


One of their biggest achievement was the Mongolian national football team made their way to 2022 FIFA World Cup and 2023 AFC Asian Cup qualifying tournaments by defeating “Brunei Darussalam” of Brunei by 3:2 on their own field and set a historic record for Mongolian footballers of all generations.

Mongolian national football team advanced to one of the top 40 Asian football teams and seeded in the Group F of 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifying tournament along with the nations Japan, Kyrgyzstan, and Myanmar. They went victorious over the national team of Myanmar with the final score of 1:0. This historical goal was made by 18 years old young talent A.Dulguun with the assist of A.Narmandakh. 1 win out of their 2 matches they played in the framework of the tournament lifted their ranking by 4 and locked their world ranking at 183.


Another notable achievement was accomplished by Mongolian national hockey team. The team won gold medal at the “Asian Challenge Cup” which was held in March, 2019 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

They played against the national team of Philippines in the grand-finals of the tournament and took them down with the final score of 6:3 and became two-time Asian Champion. In the group stage, the team defeated the teams of Malaysia and Singapore. Although the team lost to Philippines in the group stage games, they rose back to the grand-finals and won the tournament.

Champion of Jakarta-2018 18th Asian Games E.Tsendbaatar became not only Asian Boxing Champion this year but also won bronze at World Boxing Championships on September 21, 2019.

Hero of Labor, bronze medalist of London-2012 Olympics, the two-time World Champion, bronze and silver medalist of World Wrestling Championships, State Honored Athlete S.Battsetseg won bronze medal at Nur-Sultan 2019 World Wrestling Championships in women’s 68 kg category by taking down Ukrainian World Champion Alla Cherkasova and became the second Mongolian wrestler to compete in the Tokyo-2020 Summer Olympics.

Champion of 7th CISM World Military Games, Olympic silver medalist, Hero of Labor, Honored Athlete O.Gundegmaa secured her Tokyo-2020 Olympic spot in Doha, Qatar with 587 points in 25 m military rapid fire pistol event which made her the first Mongolian athlete ever to compete in the Olympic Games 7 times in a row.


M.Ankhtsetseg won bronze medal at World Weightlifting Championships, took place in Pattaya, Thailand on September 26, 2019, in women’s 81 kg category by lifting 110 kg. It was her second World’s bronze medal and also Mongolia’s second World weightlifting medal.

Paralympics silver medalist, two-time World Champion, State Honored Athlete E.Sodnompiljee renewed the world’s powerlifting record three times. Moreover, he became Mongolian champion by lifting 255 kg. On July 19, 2019, E.Sodnompiljee lifted 247 kg in 107 kg category and set a world’s new record at Para-Powerlifting World Championships which took place in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan. Followed by this event, he renewed his previous record of 247 kg and set world’s new record 248 kg during his participation in the International Powerlifting Championships which was held in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia on December 9. With his remarkable performances at numerous international and regional tournaments, he officially set the Guinness World Record.


Athlete of “Aldar” Sports Club and National Athletics Team, IM B.Munkhzaya qualified to participate in the Olympics for the second time in her career by placing 4th at “Golden Road” in Australia. B.Munkhzaya passed 42 km and 195 meters of road in 2 hours 29 minutes and 18 seconds.


The year of 2019 was also successful year for senior athletes. Senior athlete Ts.Radnaa, 85, won gold medal and renewed the world record in 400 meters athletics category at World Masters Athletics Championships, held on April 2, 2019 in Torun, Poland. He also won 2 gold medals in 60 meters steeplechase and triple jump categories during this competition.

Moreover, he renewed the world records in 60 meters athletics, 80 meters steeplechase and triple jump categories in Australia on September 6, 2019. Last but not least, he won 4 gold medals in 200 and 400 meters athletics, 80 meters steeplechase and triple jump categories at Asian Masters Championships on December 5, 2019.


State Honored Athlete T.Tserendolgor, 81, also triumphed at World Masters Athletics Championships winning 1 gold and 4 silver medal. Moreover, she won gold medals and set a world records both in the categories javelin throw and shot-put during her participation in the Asian Athletics Championships.


It is also worth noting the athletes who have fascinated the world with their courage, capability, consistency and strength.


On the last day of the Kyushu Grand Sumo Tournament on November 24, 69th Yokozuna (Grand Champion) M.Davaajargal came out victorious over his match against Ozeki Takakeisho, winning his 43rd champion title with a record of 14-1. With this, he became the first Yokozuna to win the trophies of the Emperor and Prime Minister of Japan for 43 times and left his trace in the world’s history of sports.

Silver medalist of the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games and 2009 World Amateur Boxing Championship, State Honored boxer N.Tugstsogt also known as ‘King Tug’ became the champion of International Boxing Organization (IBO). He challenged WBC Champion, American boxer Gary Russell Jr. who has defended his title three times for now, and they will face on February 8, 2020. The documents related to the fight are signed.

2019 Sri Chinmoy Marathon 6 and 10 days’ open tournament was held in New York, USA this year and Mongolian athlete B.Budjargal became the winner of the tournament by passing 1221.8 km road in 10 days.

This year is also very crucial year for Mongolian judokas as the Olympic Games is approaching. Administration and coaches of Mongolian Judo Association who performed unsuccessfully at 2019 World Judo Championships resigned from their positions as the whole team grabbed only one bronze medal at aforementioned tournament. Mongolian judokas won medals at 4 consecutive Olympic Games and the people of Mongolia are hoping the judokas to continue this successful streak.

As about 7 months left until the Tokyo-2020 Summer Olympic Games, 12 Mongolian athletes have qualified to compete in the Olympics as of today. IM B.Munkhzaya became the first Mongolian athlete to make it to Tokyo in athletics and B.Otgonbold became the latest Olympic participant for now. 

4 athletes namely, SM Ts.Anudari, IM E.Davaakhuu, O.Esugen and Olympic silver medalist O.Gundegmaa passed the qualifications of the Olympics in shooting event.


IM T.Tulga secured the first slot in wrestling event for the Olympics during his participation in “Nur-Sultan” World Wrestling Championships and Hero of Labor S.Battsetseg also secured her slot for the Olympics.


As mentioned above, Mongolian women’s national 3x3 basketball team players namely, D.Ganzul, B.Bolor-Erdene, E.Chimeddolgor and B.Solongo also guaranteed their way to Tokyo.


Followed by the Tokyo-2020 Summer Olympic Games, Paralympics will be held in Tokyo. For this event, Mongolian athlete G.Bolor-Erdene, in men’s 61 kg category, and Kh.Enkhtuya, in women’s 49 kg category, qualified to participate in the Olympics with their successes at the World Para-Taekwondo Championships which took place in Antalya, Turkey. Moreover, IM Z.Ganbaatar, in Para-Shooting, State Honored Athlete E.Sodnompiljee, in powerlifting, N.Munkhbaatar, in archery, will compete in the Olympics respectively.