Sixth Forum of Mongolian Young Scientists takes place

2019-12-13 17:39:50

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ “Science is greatly and irreversibly globalizing in this world, ever-changing through the advancements in information technology. The targets of research activities are gradually converging,” said D.Regdel, President of the Mognolian Academy of Sciences, at the National Forum of Mongolia Young Scientists held at Novotel Hotel on December 12.

He went on to say. “Even though Mongolia is a small country with small population, science can prevail and develop stably in the country when the circumstances allow it. Therefore, we need to abandon our childish dream of making science country-specific and instead look for ways to harmonize the country’s characteristics with science”

The ‘Advanced Technology for Sustainable Development’ fourth edition of the forum initiated by the Mongolian Young Scientists’ Association brought together about 300 young scientists from urban and rural associations, teachers, businesspeople, and policy makers.

At the event, Mongolian scientists delivered presentations on numerous innovative technologies and products. Dr. D.Battogtokh, President of the Mongolian Young Scientists’ Association, highlighted that developing science tourism would give economic benefits, saying “Our scientists could be guides and provide foreign and local tourists with research based information on Mongolia’s wild natural landscapes, species, as well as geological and geographical formations, he said.

It was informed during the forum that Mongolian scientists have written 26 articles for world famous magazines. It implies that their research works have reached the international level and now the scientists have to realize their research practice, the forum participants noted.

The forum mainly discussed that sustainable and inclusive development can be attained through science education and capacity building boosted by the availability and inclusive benefits of science knowledge and the development of advancing science.