Cabinet bans citizens from traveling to China until March 2

2020-01-31 20:55:18

Ulaanbaatar /MONSTAME/ A meeting of the National Security Council was convened as soon as the President of Mongolia returned from his visit to the Kingdom of Norway. Following the Council's recommendation, the Cabinet held an irregular meeting today on January 31.


At the meeting, it was decided to:


  • impose an entry ban on Chinese citizens and all third-country nationals coming to Mongolia through or from China through Mongolia’s border checkpoints (air, rail and auto) with China from February 1 to March 2;
  • ban Mongolian citizens from traveling to China until March 2;
  • allow Mongolians to return home through all border crossings with China until February 6;
  • let Mongolians return through the Buyant Ukhaa Airport border checkpoint and the Zamyn-Uud railway border checkpoint until March 2;
  • impose no restrictions on exports and imports of goods;
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