Capacity development project to be carried out for youth in Sukhbaatar aimag

2020-02-11 16:25:09

Sukhbaatar /MONTSAME/ On February 10, Sukhbaatar aimag and Save the Children Japan signed a memorandum to jointly implement the project ‘Entrepreneurship-Focused Socio-emotional Skills for the Most Vulnerable Youth in Rural Mongolia’ aimed at bettering the aimag's youth with socio-emotional skills in order to improve their performance at school and prepare them for entry into the labor market

In comparison to the Save the Children’s pilot project ‘Improving Primary Education Outcomes for The Most Vulnerable Children in Rural Mongolia’ which was successfully carried out in Sukhbaatar aimag between 2012 and 2017, the four-year project targets high schoolers. Sukhbaatar aimag’s Ongon, Erdenetsagaan, Munkhkhaan, and Bayandelger soums that will be involved in the project all have more than 800 students, most of which are high schoolers.

Head of the aimag’s department for education and culture L.Baigalmaa expressed her hope that there will be a lot of initiatives from the stakeholders of the project – students, parents, and the local community – and undertook to cooperate with all local governmental and non-governmental organizations for the successful implementation of the project.