Service and trade centers resume operations

2020-03-16 13:16:15

Ulaanbaatar/MONTSAME/. According to yesterday’s decision of the Emergency Commission of Ulaanbaatar city, the service centers and shops in the capital city, which were temporarily shut down from March 10, have resumed their operation from today.

Under the decision, following service centers and shops in the capital city were under the temporary closure;

  • All types of retail stores selling products other than grocery and products for household usage and their delivery services /Including all units of shopping malls, department stores and market places that are not selling groceries and household products/.
  • All types of food delivery services 
  • All kinds of service centers except public showers /Including hair and beauty salons, tailor, shoe salons, dry cleaning services, all kinds of repair shops and services, photo printing, and moving services/. 
  • Auto repair shops, auto service and retail stores, except tire repair shops  
  • All types of quick-service places, except the points selling ‘Smart Card’ bus passes. 

A temporary ban on the operations of monasteries, churches, bars and nightclubs, sauna, motels and all kinds of sports and cultural entities such as yoga, dance clubs and tourism is still effective until March 30.

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