Health center of Tosontsengel soum to be renovated

2020-03-31 12:24:32

Zavkhan /MONTSAME/ With non-refundable aid worth over MNT 400 million financed by Grass-Roots Human Security Projects program and the Embassy of Japan, general hospital of Tosontsengel soum and a kindergarten extension of Erdenekhairkhan soum of Zavkhan aimag will be renovated this year.

Tosontsengel soum has a population of over 10 thousand including its temporary residents and it is one of the largest soums of Zavkhan aimag. General hospital of Tosontsengel soum was  put into operation in 1994 and it provides medical assistance and services to 25 thousand people a year.

Since its launching in 1989, GGP program intends to contribute to improvements in various fields including education, health, infrastructure, as well as other sectors. The overall goal of GGP is to enhance the wellbeing of people at the grassroots level, based on the concept of human security. Its projects have been implemented in Mongolia since 1990 and it is contributing in ensuring balanced socio-economic development of Mongolia.