Average life expectancy in Mongolia rises by 7.4 years

2020-04-07 14:36:46

Ulaanbaatar/MONTSAME/. The average life expectancy in Mongolia has risen by 7.4 years during the past 26 years, reaching 70.2, reported in the ‘Gender Baseline Survey Report-2020,’ released jointly by the National Committee on Gender Equality and National Statistical Office of Mongolia.

There are a few specific surveys on the state of male’s health and disease prevention awareness. Therefore, the study focused on determining the reasons for the gap between male's and female’s average life expectancy, as well as on men’s attitude and awareness on protecting their health.

According to the report, the average life expectancy for males rose from 60.7 to 66.1, while the females’ life expectancy rose from 64.9 to 75.8 over the past 26 years.