Mongolia-Singapore relations expanding through Erena Solutions

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2020-04-17 15:49:04

Ulaanbaatar / MONTSAME /. Mongolian-Singaporean trade and business cooperation is expanding through Erena Solutions LLC.

In particular, Singapore based business engineering team “Business Engineers Asia” (BEA) implements a business program “Business Entry Program-Singapore Incubator” which aims to enable small and medium sized enterprises and traders from some developing countries to enter Southeast Asian market. The program runs a series of incubators that train entrepreneurs of developing countries, including Mongolia, to grow and help them to succeed in foreign markets. Erena Solutions LLC, a branch of BEA Group in Mongolia, strives to bring Mongolian businesses, especially SMEs, to foreign markets.

The company has held Mongolia-Singapore FMCG & Investment Forum twice in Mongolia. The Representative of Erena Solutions LLC N.Munguntsetseg said that due to the spread of COVID-19 pandemic, the forum and business activities are forced to be held electronically and online this year.

Mongolian SMEs are available to export their products to more than 30 countries in Southeast Asian countries through Singapore.

The aforementioned forum was held in Mongolia on March 8-12, last year in the form of a series of business training and SMEs from wool and cashmere field such as ‘Mogol’ and ‘Khatan gerege’ and tourism field such as ‘Elma Khujirt’ as well as cooperatives such as ‘Ukhaalag uils’ cooperative participated in it. Of these, 3-4 wool and cashmere companies have already entered the Asian market through business incubators and started selling their products.

We asked about the activities from Director of Strategy and Cooperation of BEA Sudave Ramachandran online “Yes, I clearly remember meeting many Mongolian companies last year during the forum. Mongolian companies who are seeking to export their products to Singapore have participated in our business training. We are pleased that some Mongolian natural eco-products have made its way to the international market. It was observed that the Mongolian companies needed to improve their processing and packages in order to export their products and they were able do so. I also heard that some companies have visited Singapore and found investors."

“We aim to help SMEs to enter Southeast Asian markets through Singapore. Moreover, we are working to help them sell their products in Southeast Asian countries through various well-known trade networks.” he added.

In addition to “Business Entry Program-Singapore Incubator”, in cooperation with Action Community for Entrepreneurship (ACE), National Information Technology Park of Mongolia (NITP) is implementing “Access Asia” export acceleration program in Mongolia to support the local startup ecosystem by using the latest advances in information technology.

In the photo: Dr.Saha Dhevan Meyanathan communicating online with Mongolian SMEs during a Mongolia-Singapore business meeting. He has worked as the World Bank's Country Manager for Mongolia between 2001-2006.



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