COVID-19 prevention law passed

2020-04-30 15:20:01

Ulaanbaatar/MONTSAME/. Plenary meeting of the Parliament adopted yesterday a Law on COVID-19 prevention, fight, and mitigation of its socioeconomic impact, submitted by MPs J.Enkhbayar and Kh.Nyambaatar.  

The Bill regulates the issues and functions to be resolved by the Government, the State Emergency Commission, and other relevant organizations as well as their collaboration during the period of heightened state of readiness. For instance, it reflects regulations, authorizing the Government to take necessary measures, such as calling quarantine and traffic movement and time limits, as well as approving relevant regimes, procedures, and instructions to be followed during the COVID 19 pandemic.

On the COVID-19 pandemic response, the bill includes regulations to enact the government organizations and officials to take necessary measures for the protection of public health only according to the Constitution of Mongolia and international treaties as well as ensure that any decision they make respects the fundamental rights to be free from torture and inhuman, cruel and disrespectful punishments and discrimination.

Besides, it clearly states the responsibilities and prohibitions of citizens, business entities and organizations. In particular, it is considered appropriate to regulate the payment of necessary expenses related to evacuation, isolation, treatment, services, sterilization and disinfection by law.

There were no MPs to question or speak on the bill. The bill was approved by 97.8 percent of the turnouts at the plenary session.