Parliament approves ‘Vision-2050’ long-term policy document

2020-05-15 12:59:33

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. At its session held on May 13, the Parliament approved the draft resolution on the approval of the long-term development policy of Mongolia “Vision-2050".

Mongolia ranks 92nd out of 177 countries in terms of human development, 99th out of 140 in terms of economic competitiveness, 74th out of 190 in terms of business environment, and 93rd in terms of corruption which represents that Mongolia is below the regional average in many areas of development. The basic development indicators show that welfare policies aimed at reducing poverty have not achieved sufficient results.

In addition, the vulnerability of the middle class, which is the driving force of society, is creating inequality and undermining the core values ​​of democracy. Therefore, the Government has considered that there is a necessity to develop a long-term development policy document that summarizes the past 30 years and envisions the next 30 years. Mongolia's long-term development policy has 9 fundamental goals and 50 objectives, and will be carried out in three periods: 2020-2030, 2031-2040, and 2041-2050.

The working group preparing the draft resolution for discussion submitted a number of fundamental amendments. For example, Appendix 1 of the draft resolution was amended to be read as “Vision: By 2050, Mongolia will be a “Leading country in Asia” in terms of social and economic growth in the region”. In line with this, the “Vision-2050” long term policy document of Mongolia was amended to reflect the views of members and the word “middle class” in the relevant part of the appendix was changed to “those with low and middle income”.

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