Veritech ERP-based Covid-19 emergency management information system launched

2020-05-22 12:14:39

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ The State Emergency Commission and the Ministry of Health are launching Veritech ERP platform based “Covid-19 Emergency management information system” for multi-stakeholder cooperation and preventing coronavirus spread in Mongolia.

This information system is implemented for rapid response and providing real-time information exchange among the related stakeholders including the Ministry of Health (MOH), hospitals, and the State Emergency Commission. Moreover, mobile application has been developed for home-isolated citizens.

Veritech ERP, product of Interactive LLC, is an integrated, model driven platform for modeling, developing and deploying applications. It transforms any business process into a digital service within a few hours.

In addition, Veritech ERP is low-code platform, enables business analysts to easily build enterprise grade applications without hard-coding. Therefore, this platform provides MOH fast and tactical advantages for registering any cases related with Covid-19, implemented in short time. Data collection is one of the important modules of this system. It collects data and produces analytics from more than 500 hospitals in the country.

Covid-19 emergency management information system contains following modules:

-Resource planning module

-Isolation and isolation house registration module

-Home-isolation monitoring module

-Medical service and support module

-Emergency 119 operator module

-Data collection and analytic module

-Mobile application for public

-Several type of dashboards.


Source: Ministry of Health