Consular section of U.S. Embassy in Mongolia and the Immigration Agency of Mongolia strengthens cooperation

2020-06-30 11:46:36

Ulaanbaatar/MONTSAME/. Brian Wingate, the Chief of the Consular Section of the U.S. Embassy in Ulaanbaatar held meeting met with D. Murun, the Head of the Mongolian Immigration Agency, and Ch.Tulgatsoodol, Head of the Legal and Foreign Affairs Division to discuss cooperation during the COVID-19 pandemic to assist U.S. and Mongolian citizens, including visa extensions and residence permits.

The Immigration Agency expressed their congratulations on the upcoming celebration of the 244th anniversary of the Independence of the United States Day on July 4th to the Consul.

At the conclusion of the meeting, Consul Wingate presented D. Murun with a copy of the booklet, “Regulations Concerning Foreign Nationals and the Cultural Taboos of the Mongolian People,” a guide on laws and customs for foreigners in Mongolia written by the Immigration Agency and translated by the U.S. Embassy.


Source: U.S. Embassy in Mongolia