PM visits State Central First Hospital

2020-09-21 17:04:38

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Prime Minister U.Khurelsukh visited the Ministry of Health and its affiliated organizations today.

During his visit to the State Central First Hospital, Minister of Health T.Munkhsaikhan noted that the 12th risk evaluation on novel coronavirus infection showed Mongolia has highest risk of local transmission. Therefore, we are ensuring readiness in four directions; human resource, laboratories, medicines and hospital equipment. We are establishing new diagnostic laboratories to mitigate risk on local transmission. A third grade biosafety laboratory under the National Center for Communicable Diseases is expected to be commissioned by December. Laboratories in Selenge, Zamyn-Uud and Dornod aimags will be extended. Furthermore, the Ministry is striving to create a unified online platform that connects all levels of hospitals, pharmacies, citizens and health sector.

The PM emphasized that Mongolia has become one of nine countries that fulfilled Millennium Development Goals and it is a merit of doctors and specialists who are working in healthcare sector.

 “There is necessity to build hospitals including that provide cardiac treatment and organ transplant. We can save large amount of money once we could build several large hospitals, the country needs” added the PM.