Results for Ulaanbaatar’s local council elections submitted

2020-10-19 13:12:52

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. On October 15, Thursday, Mongolian citizens voted in nationwide elections for Citizens’ Representative Khurals (local councils) in 21 aimags and their 330 soums, capital city of Ulaanbaatar, and its 9 districts. 

Today, October 19, the Election Commission of Ulaanbaatar city submitted the election results of the local self-government bodies in Ulaanbaatar city to R.Dagva, Chair of the Citizens’ Representative Khurals. 

U.Ganbold, head of the Election Commission of Ulaanbaatar city, informed that 438.864 citizens or 47.88 percent of the total 916.626 eligible voters registered in Ulaanbaatar city  cast their ballot in the elections for Citizens Representative Khurals of Ulaanbaatar city and its districts.   

Preliminary results of local council elections in Ulaanbaatar city released by the  Election Commission of Ulaanbaatar city show that out of 291 mandates for the Citizens’ Representative Khurals of 9 districts of the capital city, and 201 mandates went to the representatives from the Mongolian People’s Party, 75 seats to the Democratic Party representatives, 10 seats to the National Labor Party, known as ‘HUN Party’, one seat to the Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party, one seat to Mongolian Green Party candidate and one seat to an independent candidate.