Re-polling held in 63 polling stations for 2020 local council elections

2020-10-26 12:29:47

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. Mongolia held nationwide elections for Citizens’ Representative Khurals or local councils of 21 aimags and their 330 soums as well as Ulaanbaatar city and its 9 districts on October 15. 

In the local council elections, candidates, who received a majority of electoral votes in each one of 62 electoral constituencies across the country, gained the same number of votes with each other, ending in ties. Therefore, re-polling had been ordered in a total of 63 electoral precincts among the eligible voters who did not participate in the first polls of the election, in compliance with the law on elections to Citizens' Representative Khurals.  

The 63 electoral precincts that conducted the re-polling on October 25, Sunday were made up of 61 electoral precincts for local councils of 19 aimags and 2 precincts for Nalaikh District of the capital city. 

Around 25 percent of all eligible voters took part in the re-polls, resulting in final voter turnout of the 2020 local council elections to be at 74.33 percent. When casting ballot, voters selected their preferred candidates among the candidates who were tied in the first polls. 

As a result of the re-polls, candidates from Mongolian People’s Party won majority of votes in 35 electoral precincts, Democratic party candidates won in 27 precincts and one candidate from the Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party received most votes in one precinct. Each electoral precinct had one or two mandates of the Citizens' Representative Khurals.   

Votes cast in yesterday’s re-polling will be combined with the results of the first polls to come with the final results.