Mongolian and Taiwanese museums hold joint video conference

Art & Culture
2021-02-15 15:15:00

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. The Mongolian National Museum and the National Royal Palace Museum of Taiwan jointly organized a video conference on February 8 to share experiences on museum volunteer activities and management. This is not only the first video discussion and meeting jointly organized between the two museums, but also a new event in the history of museums, historical and cultural relations and cooperation between the parties.

Yu Pei Jin, Deputy Director of the National Royal Palace Museum of Taiwan, said, “The National Royal Palace Museum of Taiwan has a rich collection of cultural relics and a wealth of resources for research. This is also the main reason why Taiwanese, who are immersed in culture and art, have a great desire and interest to volunteer at the museum. Museum volunteers play an important role in the day-to-day running of the museum, and as volunteers, they contribute to the public's interest in the museum's exhibits and cultural heritage.”

He added, “Our museum preserves highly valuable and valuable cultural relics and historical artifacts. Even at a time when transnational communication and cooperation have been disrupted by the spread of the pandemic and the Internet, we have organized e-exhibitions to promote cultural relics and related research to the public. The exhibits continue to impress museum visitors.”

The parties discussed issues related to the recruitment and training of museum volunteers, the provision of integrated management and the response to the pandemic.

Representatives of the Mongolian National Museum, I.Budbayar, Head of the Museum's Policy Planning and Management Department, and other officials participated in the video discussion.

I.Budbayar, Head of the Policy Planning and Management Department of the Mongolian National Museum, said, “Our museum provides professional and methodological support to museum staff operating nationwide. This year, major museums such as the Chinggis Khaan Museum and the Museum of Natural History will be opened. Therefore, I would like to thank the National Royal Palace Museum of Taiwan for organizing this joint video conference and discussion and sharing their valuable experiences. I would also like to thank the Taiwanese Embassy in Mongolia for its long-term support and work.”

In her remarks, Grace JR Luo, Taiwan's Representative to Mongolia, said that a copy of a portrait of Genghis Khan, a portrait of the Great Yuan Dynasty kings, and a copy of Kublai Khan's Ark in the Ark from the northern branch of the National Royal Palace Museum of Taiwan were handed over. In addition, the museum has compiled a catalog entitled "Mongolian Historical and Cultural Heritage in the National Royal Palace Museum of Taiwan." 

Last year, the southern branch of the museum organized the Mongolian Month event as part of the “Asian Art Festival” to promote Mongolian culture, and organized cultural events and special lectures. "Through these events, we have been able to promote Mongolian cultural monuments and cultural heritage and deepen mutual understanding between the peoples of the two countries."

The establishment of the Ministry of Culture of Mongolia last year shows that the country's government is paying close attention to historical and cultural issues. "We hope that today's video conference and discussion will open up more opportunities for museums, historical and cultural exchanges and cooperation between the two countries."

Ministry of Culture