Eco women's forum to be held virtually

2021-03-03 12:32:33

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Women who conserve the nature and environment and spread eco culture to the society will convene virtually on March 6. At the eco women’s forum, discussions will be held under the topics “Land rights- Human rights” and “Bio ethic – Eco project”.

About the forum, Head of the Eco Culture Foundation T.Saruul said “There is a necessity to create green environment in order to mitigate air pollution and soil contamination. Also, every citizen’s engagement is crucial to protect the nature and environment and women lead in this action. Therefore, we intend to share experiences and eco culture of women who made nature conservation a part of their lives and their habit. We launched “One Yard-One Tree” project, planting elm and aspen trees in ger districts of Ulaanbaatar city. This year, we will plant 5000 trees with support from the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation. Calling the public for this work, we are working towards making every citizen have eco habit to develop ecoculture.”

The discussion on land rights will not only touch issues on land possession, ownership and privatization but also rights to be free from soil, water and air pollutions and rights to live in a healthy, safe environment regardless of where you are living alongside seeking solutions regarding arable farming, animal husbandry development and consumption of healthy and organic products.   

The first forum was held last year under the theme ‘Water rights - Human rights”, calling for inscribing Khuvsgul Lake on the UNESCO World Natural and Cultural Heritage List. According to the call, a two-week conference “Mother Ocean – Eco Cultural Campaign” and tour training was held with participation of environmental activists, researchers, arts and cultural representatives from eight countries of the world. Studies and influential works on having Khuvsgul Lake inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List are constantly running.