Government opts not to impose strict lockdown, some restrictions in place instead

2021-03-31 21:38:45

On March 31, the cabinet convened for a regular meeting and decided not to move the country into the Red Level or the all-out-readiness regime starting from April 3, Saturday, until April 18, Sunday despite the State Emergency Commission has suggested to impose strict lockdown mesures to curb the spread of COVID-19 pandemic. 

However, during this period, some businesses and organizations will be suspended. According to the cabinet secretariat, this measure is made under the government’s objective to recover the economy and protect the population's health amid the pandemic while maintaining the normal operations of the business industry. 

Following businesses and services are suspended between April 3 and 18: 

- Restaurants, lounges, saunas, swimming pools, wellness centers, cinemas and performance and entertainment activities, gyms, resorts and training centers

- Food places and restaurants can only offer food via delivery

- Hairdressers and beauty centers are allowed to open only on weekdays with proper health and safety precautions

- Shops and retail businesses must strictly adhere to social distancing and infection prevention guidelines and operate at up to 30 percent of its capacity. /Supermarkets to limit customers with the number of shopping carts available/

- Large marketplaces, such as Narantuul, Kharkhorin, Bars, Khuchit Shonkhor, Narantuul-2 to operate at up to 30 percent capacity only on weekdays. 

- Shops, retails and markets to close at 8 PM daily. 

- Passenger movement out of Ulaanbaatar to rural areas are suspended, except for those with reasonable excuses

- Traffic movement to rural aimags from Ulaanbaatar to be suspended, except for the delivery of food, fodder and fuel products. 

Certain arrangements are also to be made, including:

- Public and private industry must enforce 5-person limit for social gatherings at all levels. 

- People aged over 60 to avoid leaving home for non-essential reasons and take preventative measures against infection

- To intensify neighborhood connection and volunteer activities for safety 

- Government and private organizations to allow up to 30 percent of employees to work from office.

Measures to be implemented in the scope of the transmission surveillance and vaccination drive are:

- To intensify works to trace close contacts 

- To provide those staying at 7-day home isolation with dedicated package of health manual, medications, vitamins, thermometer and sanitizers

- To shorten mandatory 10-day-quarantine for arrivals from foreign countries to 7 days and perform PCR tests on the arrivals on the 5th and 7th days of the quarantine, and to remove further home-isolation to those with negative test results

- To vaccinate 1 million adult populations in Ulaanbaatar city before May 1, and vaccinate homeless people and prisoners requiring special care

- To vaccinate priority groups for vaccination /doctors, healthcare workers, police, emergency management and border officers/ in rural aimags starting April 5 

- To complete vaccination in rural areas by July 1. 

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