Rare art piece: ‘Khoshuu Naadam’

Art & Culture
2021-04-15 16:51:47

Khentii /MONTSAME/. The original art piece, ‘Khoshuu Naadam’, by Governor of Bishrelt Van khoshuu of Setsen Khan aimag M.Purevjav (1844-1932) is currently being kept at the Museum of Khentii aimag. He was more commonly known as the Old Governor.

Drawn on bamboo, the piece is unique for having illustrations on both sides. On the front side, it depicts the Ikh Art Mountain located in the khoshuu (modern-day Galshar soum) and a governor that is sitting inside a large pavilion, whom the locals believe to be the governor himself. With horse racing, wrestling, and archery taking place, local Naadam festivities are seen to be taking place. The backside of the artwork focuses on the gallop of the horses. 

The rare artwork was previously kept by Head of the Setsen Khan Khuleg racehorse trainers association M.Sanjaadorj, and was added to the museum’s collection in 2019.

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