MCA Mongolia, Mobicom discuss possible collaboration and synergies

2021-05-13 17:05:08

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. On May 10, 2021, within the frame of the Ulaanbaatar city Water Supply Project funded by the Mongolia Water Compact, MCA-Mongolia held a meeting with Mobicom Corporation to discuss possible collaboration and synergies between two organizations. 

From MCA-Mongolia, CEO E.Sodontogos, Deputy CEO S.Zorigt, General counsel P.Bayar, Downstream Wells Activity Director B.Batsukh, Finance Director G.Uranchimeg, Director of Communications B.Amarsanaa and from Mobicom Corporation, Chairman & CEO Tatsuya Hamada, Chief Marketing Officer Koji Kurushima, Chief Legal and Regulatory Officer E.Erdenesuren, Vice President of Enterprise Sales B.Otgonchimeg, Director of Marketing & Communication S.Batzaya took part in the meeting.  

MCA-Mongolia CEO E.Sodontogos introduced a brief overview of the projects to be implemented under the Compact and emphasized the possible synergies for the two organizations to cooperate in numerous areas. MCA-Mongolia is not only implementing two large infrastructure projects in the next 5 years but also Water Sector Sustainability Activity under the Compact. This activity is to establish soft infrastructure to maintain the sustainable operations of water infrastructures, strengthen the capacity of water utilities, and ensure that the benefits of the Compact are sustained over the long term.

“A part of the Water Sector Sustainability Activity is aiming to educate the general public about the water value, cost of water pollution, and to change the social behavior. Responsible and effective water consumption of both residential and industrial consumers is critical to ensure the sustainability of the water sector. Mobicom corporation is one of the most socially responsible companies that actively engage in public education, especially youth development. Therefore, our two organizations have much potential to exchange our know-how and synergize in many areas” said E.Sodontogos.   

Chairman and CEO of the Mobicom corporation Tatsuya Hamada highlighted the significance of the Compact’s long-term vision to prevent inevitable water stress while most of the public efforts are focused on short and mid-term challenges, such as air pollution and urban centralization. As a part of the water-related corporate social responsibility activities, he briefly introduced and discussed the “Every child deserves clean water” project and “Improvement of a health and hygiene of rural schools" project initiated by Mobicom and implemented in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Science and UNICEF.

At the conclusion of the meeting, parties agreed to focus on the specific initiatives and detailed actions through follow-up meetings.