Buur Kheer Steppe

2021-05-14 19:21:32

In the native region of a 12th-century tribal confederation called the Three Mergids, Selenge aimag was established in 1934. Buur Kheeriin Tal (Buur Kheer Steppe) is one of the aimag’s many beautiful landscapes. It is said that numerous historical events related to the independence of Mongolia took place in the area.


On this steppe 800 years ago, Chinggis Khaan took back his queen Borte who was kidnapped by the Mergids, which marked the start of the historical victories that led up to the foundation of the Great Mongol Empire. As proof, a large stone monument stands in the middle of the wide, open land. On the monument, there is an inscription written in Mongolian script that states, “Let’s stop here as we found the one we are looking for, said Chinggis Khaan.” The monument’s stone was brought there from Dulaan Khan Mountain that is located to the north of Dulaankhan village, Shaamar soum.


To the south of the monument, there is also a nearby spring that bubbles at the sound of one’s singing.

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