Speaker G.Zandanshatar delivers speech at Ulaanbaatar-Irkutsk online event

2021-05-22 12:04:11

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ This year marks the 100th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Mongolia and Russia. To celebrate the historic anniversary, the Mongolian-Russian Friendship Association and the Russian Center for Science and Culture in Ulaanbaatar have been organizing a series of “100 Years Together” online friendship events since February 2021.

The online events will last for 8 months along the Ulaanbaatar-Moscow, Ulaanbaatar-Novosibirsk, Ulaanbaatar-Barnaul, Ulaanbaatar-Gorno-Altaisk-Kyzyl, Ulaanbaatar-Irkutsk, Ulaanbaatar-Ulan-Ude, Ulaanbaatar-Chita and Ulaanbaatar-Elista railway routes and the 5th stage Ulaanbaatar-Irkutsk event was organized on May 20, 2021.

The main purpose of this online event is to create an open online environment for direct communication, to expand the ties of partner organizations, and to deepen the friendship and cooperation between Mongolia and Russia.


Mongolian and Russian government and public figures, regional leaders and representatives of universities, scientific, business, industrial sectors, friendship society, federations as well as Mongolian graduates from Russian and Soviet period are participating in the events.

Chairman of the State Great Hural of Mongolia H.E. Mr.G.Zandanshatar addressed the event held on May 20. He thanked the Mongolia-Russia Friendship Association and the Russian Center for Science and Culture in Ulaanbaatar for co-organizing the 100th anniversary celebrations and noted that the coronavirus pandemic was preventing face-to-face meeting. He also expressed his delight for having a opportunity to meet with the people of Irkutsk.

H.E. Mr. G.Zandanshatar recalled his time at the Irkutsk Institute of National Economy, the current Baikal State University. "My student days coincided with the time of perestroika and the development of our two countries, and the turn of this new era had a profound effect on the fate of not only the Soviet people but also the Mongolian people."

Mr. Chairman noted that this year marks the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the Mongolian Consulate General in Irkutsk and expressed hope that the Consulate General will celebrate the anniversary in cooperation with the Irkutsk city administration and other organizations. He thanked for erecting a memorial plaque for Bazar Shirendev, a prominent Mongolian statesman and public figure. He wished success to the fraternal relations between cities of Darkhan and Bratsk and stressed the importance of such relations for two neigbours’ century long friendship.

He continued as “This online event will undoubtedly be an open platform for dialogue with our friends on strengthening Mongolian-Russian cooperation and friendship. We hope this Ulaanbaatar-Irkutsk online meeting will bring back fond memories of our long-standing, all-encompassing, fraternal relations, and provide new ideas and initiatives for further cooperation between Ulaanbaatar and Irkutsk, the city of my young age”.

Mrs. D.Unurbolor, a member of the State Great Hural, Mr. J.Gurragchaa, Chairman of the Mongolia-Russia Friendship Association, astronaut and Hero of Mongolia and Russia, Mr. G.Yondon, Minister of Mining and Heavy Industry of Mongolia, Mr. D.Regdel, President of the Academy of Sciences, Mrs. Ts.Natsagdolgor, Head of the Government agency for Culture and Arts, Mr .S.Batjargal and Mr. O.Batjargal, Governors of Orkhon and Dornogovi Aimag, Mr. B.Odsuren, Deputy governor of Capital city, Mr. B.Ochirbat, Rector of the Mongolian University of Science and Technology, Mrs.D.Tsogzolmaa, Vice president of Mongolian Alumni Association for Russia and Soviet Union,  Mr. A.R.Bazarkhandaev, Counselor of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Mongolia and Head of the “Rossotrudnichestvo” Representative Office in Mongolia, Mr. A.V.Vedernikov, Chairman of the Irkutsk Legislative Assembly, Mr. K.R.Aldarov, Deputy Chairman of the Assembly, Mr.A.L.Sitnikov, Deputy Head of the Regional Administration, Mr.A.I.Sobol, President of the East Siberian Trade and Industry Association, Mr.I.V.Milostnykh, Deputy Chairman of the Ulaanbaatar railway Joint Stock Company, Mr.A.F.Schmidt, Rector of the Irkutsk State University and Mr.A.P.Khomenko, the Rector of the Irkutsk University of Roads and Communications have attended the online meeting.

source: Press and Public Relations Department of the State Great Khural