Presidential election candidates cast their votes

2021-06-09 17:33:37

At 7:30 AM today, Presidential election candidate from the ruling Mongolian People’s Party U.Khurelsukh cast his vote at the polling place stationed at 48th School.


"Mongolian people are the wealth of Mongolia. The people must be the masters of their history and culture. I wish success to my fellow candidates S.Erdene and D.Enkhbat in their elections. I wish D.Enkhbat a speedy recovery and well-being to his family,” said U.Khurelsukh.


At 1 PM, candidate from the Democratic Party S.Erdene voted at the polling place stationed at 20th school. He noted that the voter turnout was higher than expected, and called on all voters to make a choice that would allow Mongolia to establish a just and ethical state. He also wished the other candidates success and good health."

As for candidate from the Right Person Electoral Coalition D.Enkhbat, he cast his vote yesterday through sealed mobile ballot box as he has tested positive for coronavirus while touring across rural aimags for political campaigning.

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