Presenting ‘Mystery of Mongolian Patterns’ exhibition

Art & Culture
2022-09-22 13:51:32

Ulaanbaatar/MONTSAME/. The unique exhibition named ‘Mystery of Mongolian Patterns’ by State Laureate D. Manibadar and People's Artist A. Sengetsokhio is taking place at the Mongolian Art Gallery.

Even if it is postured on a flat surface, the pattern is a unique art that can vividly express the perceptual mind of the nomadic people. Mongolian patterns with deep symbolic meanings are amazing because they exist in an imaginative space with no beginning and no end.

Patterns are the foundation of the nomads’ fine art. Patterns are classic art that developed and refined over thousands of years. For that reason, the organizers believe that the importance of the exhibition for viewers is to get to know their roots, become acquainted with the classical art of their ancestors, and discover the uniqueness and essence of the nation.

At the special exhibition, 107 works from the collection of the Mongolian Art Gallery have been displayed. Specifically, it has displayed 55 paintings by State Laureate D.Manibadar and 52 works by the People's Artist A.Sengetsokhio.

In modern times, Mongolian patterns continue developing in close connection with the wonderful art style ‘Mongolian painting’. A hundred years ago, when people considered the art field as an ‘out-of-date’ and ‘dark art’, People's Artist U. Yadamsuren proclaimed modern ‘Mongolian painting’ with his work ‘Old Fiddler’. Along with him, D.Manibadar also contributed to reforming Mongolian fine art. He was the first artist to draw and collect Mongolian patterns, and now his legacy is handed down to us.

People's Artist A. Sengetsokhio created the term ‘Mongolian painting’ and ‘cradled’ the ‘new’ style in fine art. His works such as ‘Khar Buur’ (Black Male Camel) and ‘Khoyor Buur’ (Two Male Camels) are known for creatively enriching Mongolian painting techniques and skillfully combining them with classical European paintings.

Curator and art critic N. Orgilbold noted, “The exhibition ‘The Mystery of Mongolian Patterns: State Laureate D.Manibadar and People's Artist A.Sengetsohio’ is a special event that has not happened in Mongolia’s fine arts in the last 40 years”.

The exhibition will be open to the public until September 26.