Mongolian Artist Chadraabal Receives "International Art Award"

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2022-12-22 10:32:47

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. On December 3, 2022, the award-winning artist of the “Union of Mongolian Artists”, Chadraabal Adiyabazar, a prize-winning artist of the Union of Mongolian Artists, a member of the Board of Directors of the Association of Asian Artists, the head of the Council in Mongolia, was honored by the “Academia Italia in Arte Nel Mondo” with the award "International Art Award" named after "Menelao" the king of Sparta in Greek mythology.

The Award was presented in the foyer of the Politeama Theater of Lecce, Italy in recognition of Chadraabal`s work series "Infinity Source-Spiritual Development-Evolution". This is the first time that the Mongolian artist was awarded the "International Art Ward". 

Previously, world-famous stars including Richard Burton, Sophia Loren, Anthony Quinn, Liza Minnelli, Charlotte Rampling, Marcello Mastroianni, Gloria Swanson, James Mason, Ingrid Bergman, Jeanne Moreau, and Alain Delon received this award. Every year, the “Academia Italia in Arte Nel Mondo” awards individual artists who have made artistic research and contribution to public education and human rights in international art, culture, and science.

In 2022, artist A. Chadraabal presented the "Blue Horses" series at the 30th edition of the "SALON INTERNATIONAL D'ART CONTEMPORAIN" international expo, where 130 artists from 38 countries and 54 international art galleries participated in the Carrousel du LOUVRE. He also exhibited the "Existence-2022" series at the "BIENNALE ARTBOX EXPO "- Globalize the artworks International Exhibition in Venice, Italy, and the "Evolution" series at the joint exhibition of the art project program organized by the international art organization "ARTBOX" of the Swiss Confederation.

Also, The cover of the October issue of the "World Art" international magazine was decorated with A. Chadraabal's painting "Evolution" /2022. Oil on Canvas. 200x250 cm/, which participated in the international exhibition held in Zurich, Switzerland.

In addition, his "INFINITE SOURCE" series was presented in the "We Contemporary-2022" a joint exhibition of 100 artists from 30 countries organized by the Italian "MUSA" international Art Space and became one of the top 10 artists.

For over 10 years, A.Chadraabal honed his artistic craft, creating artwork that emphasizes animals such as horses, bulls, and camels, for which he has become widely recognized and appreciated by many. The artist regards his main subject matters as a means of symbolizing the interaction of nature and human beings, wind and air with the human spirit. Born in the Tuv Province’s city of Zuunmod in 1979, he spent his childhood surrounded by the countryside, nature, and the nomadic culture, which greatly inspired and shaped the creation of his artwork.

After graduating from the National Pedagogical University in 2001 with a degree in Fine Arts, Chadraabal successfully produced and showcased his works in over 15 solo exhibitions in Mongolia, France, Germany, China, Korea, Russia, Australia, and the UAE, as well as taking part in over 50 joint exhibitions organized in Mongolia, Japan, Romania, Singapore, China, Russia, Bangladesh, Thailand, Taiwan, Germany, and France.


By participating in many world exhibitions and attracting the attention of European artists, he won the 2022 award and became an honorary member of 2023.


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