Foreign workers in Mongolia decreased by 43.9 percent

2023-01-19 10:36:10

Ulaanbaatar. January 19. /MONTSAME/. In the fourth quarter of 2022, 3.9 thousand foreign citizens from 95 foreign countries were working in Mongolia with labor contract with purpose of earning pay or profit or voluntarily without purpose of earning wage and income.


The number of foreign workers decreased by 1.7 thousand (29.8%) from the same period of the previous year and by 3.1 thousand (43.9%) to compared with the previous quarter. In terms of gender of all foreign workers with labor contract in Mongolia, 3.2 thousand (81.3%) were male and 0.7 thousand (18.7%) were female.


In terms of country of all foreign workers in Mongolia, 35.2% is from People’s Republic of China, 8.5% is from Russian Federation, 7.8% is from Socialist Republic of Vietnam, 6.2% is from Republic of Korea, 6.0% is from United States of America, 5.1% is from Republic of the Philippines, 4.1% is from Republic of South Africa, 4.1% is from Commonwealth of Australia, 3.8% is from Republic of India and remaining 19.2% is from other countries.


In terms of the occupation of foreign workers, 2.1 thousand (52.3%) were professionals, 611 (15.5%) were technicians and associate professionals, 556 (14.1%) were managers, 344 (8.7%) were craft and related trades workers, 200 (5.1%) were plant and machine operators, and assemblers, 117 (3.0%) were elementary occupations, 31 (0.8%) were clerical support workers, 22 (0.6%) were services and sales workers.

                                                                                                                    Source: National Statistical Office

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