Author Talk with Writer Ayurzana on "Legend of Shaman" Held in Geneva

2024-05-01 11:17:11

Ulaanbaatar, May 1, 2024 /MONTSAME/. A meeting on the book "Buugiin Domog" [The Legend of the Shaman] by Honored Cultural FIgure of Mongolia, Writer, and Poet Ayurzana Gun-Aajav, took place in Geneva, Switzerland on May 1, 2024.

At the meeting attended by over 40 readers from Mongolia and Switzerland, writer G. Ayurzana discussed the reasons for writing this novel about Shamanism and his research on the subject, and translator R. Munkhzul shared her impressions and experiences of translating the book into French, answering questions from readers.

The French publishing house "Éditions Jentayu," founded in 2014, is dedicated to promoting the rich culture of Asian literature to French-speaking readers, published the French translation of “The Legend of the Shaman,” titled “La Legende du Shaman,” in January 2024. The book, which won the "Altan Ud" (Golden Feather) Mongolian Literary Award of the Year and “Goomaral” award in 2010 from the Mongolian Writers' Union, has been presented in a series of meetings and introductions in cities across France, Belgium, and Switzerland.

In celebration of the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Mongolia and the Swiss Confederation, the efforts to introduce the modern literary works of Mongolia, including those of Ayurzana, were organized by “Editions Jentayu,” Geneva’s “Le vent des routes” bookstore, French creative studio “uRYa,” and Michel Abraham, a participant of France’s “The Voice” show, a horsehead fiddle player, and throat singer.

“The Legend of the Shaman” is the author’s fourth novel, depicting the decline of the Buryat people’s ancestral roots and cultural consciousness through the theme of Shamanism and Shamanic Practices while also exploring themes of love and romance in the higher realms of the human mind and spirit.

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