President Elbegdorj at OSCE PA Autumn Session opening

2015-09-16 13:56:25

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ The President of Mongolia Mr Ts.Elbegdorj delivered a speech at the opening of the OSCE PA Autumn Session which kicked off Wednesday in the State House in  Ulaanbaatar.

After talking about the OSCE’s history, the first democratic elections of Mongolia as well as the OSCE’s role in a development and peace, Mr Elbegdorj announced there are "two good news despite the fact many countries are suffering from conflicts such as in Ukraine, the Middle East and Africa": He emphasized an importance of solving these matters from the newest and wide angle. First good news is that there is a chance to resolve any complicated challenges, "mankind has learnt lessons and has gained many scientific and technological achievements". The OSCE could be the second chance. Some challenges exceeded the frame of one continent. “It means that every continent is now required to form a new and more open mechanism for their security and cooperation. I am confident that the OSCE could be an arena for common talks, the best model of intercontinental cooperation as well as a leader in finding out the best solutions for problems,” he stressed.

Mongolia maintains an ideology "any conflicts can be resolved through talks without use of force and intervention", and this provides Mongolia with opportunities to be permanently neutral, peaceful and open country. He added our government decided recently on the permanent status of neutrality.

He also said Mongolia will continue keeping its position towards peaceful proposals and initiatives, openness and activity. Mongolia will always be open for peaceful talks, he stressed.  


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