Mongolian energy system is capable of fulfilling domestic heating

2015-10-22 15:55:47

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ On Thursday, Minister of Energy D.Zorigt attended an “Hour of Minister” weekly meeting to speak about the winter preparation and critical issues in the energy sector.

He said that a working group in charge of monitoring the winter preparation and regular maintenance of the general power system has been formed. By October 10, overhaul maintenance of main equipment waqs going with 93 percent. A winter regime will be pursued at power stations and thermal plants from September 15 of 2015 to May 15 of 2016. In cases of emergencies and forces majeure, they will shift to special regime.

So far this year, the energy sector welcomed 1,064-km power transmitting lines and 82 sub-stations. Amgalan power plant, a subsidiary of the Fourth Thermal power Plant, has also been commissioned, located in the eastern area of Ulaanbaatar.  
In Ulaanbaatar, a total of 394.7-km thermal lines and nine pumping stations will operate this winter. By repairing and replacing 29.7-km lines, the capacity has expanded by 249 GCal/h.

Through implementations of projects on 123MWT expansion for the Fourth Thermal Power Plant and on 50MWT expansion for the Third Thermal Power Plant, our energy production has become capable of meeting the increasing domestic heating needs.

As for Ulaanbaatar, a total of 236 buildings and facilities and 23,600 consumers have accessed power system anew.

Khentii aimag’s Ondorkhaan sub-station has improved its capacity, in regard to the infrastructure development of the new 1,000 family apartments. Closed switchyard of Bayan-Olgii aimag was renovated.

Oyu Tolgoi LLC managed and has commissioned the access of Khanbogd and Bayan-Ovoo soums to the integrated power system.

In frames of the “Ikh Toiroig Network” project, 102.6-km overhead power lines, 11 sub-stations are under construction, including 220 kW sub-station of “Songino”, 110 kW sub-stations of “Khoshigt”, “Bayangol”, “Radio Television”, “7th Khoroolol”, “Zaisan”, “14th Khoroolol”, “New Yaarmag”, “Yaarmag Bridge” and “Zalaat”. The project is with 80 percent completion.