“Mongol basalt” extracting “heat” from stone

Mongolian Brands | Video
2017-01-24 14:55:35

Buildings with non-flammable, waterproof and fiber-alike sound and heat resistant ‘magical’ walls have become ubiquitous in Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia. It’s because Mongolians have been extracting stone wool from basalt stones comprised of magmatic crusts of a volcano and manufacturing building materials from it.

After studying from the experiences of Denmark, Russia, China and other European countries, Mongolian engineer L.Ariunbold has started stone wool manufacturing project in Mongolia by founding the “Mongol Basalt” Company in 2005.

By introducing the energy-saving and heat-loss preventing stone wool to consumers, “Mongol Basalt” is trying to reduce global warming by reducing the emission of carbon dioxide in the air, giving significant contribution to curb the air pollution in Ulaanbaatar. To do this, the company has started working on various major construction and investment projects. For instance, the company has collaborated with the “Jenko Tour Bureau” on the construction of ChingisKhaan Equestrian Statue, using their first sample for the interior lining of the monument.

Also, the company has participated in the latest major construction works in the capital, such as, “Ulaanbaatar Department Store”, “Shangri La”, “Ramada” hotel,  “JiguurGrand” buildings and the new international airport, demonstrating the quality of its product.