New issue of Mongolia Today magazine

The Mongol Messenger
2017-03-27 12:23:12

The Mongolia Today quarterly magazine is published by the English Publications Department of MONTSAME National News Agency. The Mongolia Today edition for January-April 2017 is dedicated to the Ulaanbaatar Investment Forum 2017, which took place in the capital city on February 20.

For Mongolia, 2017 will be a year of remarkable responsibility as the government has recently agreed to implement International Monetary Fund’s financial program in order to overcome economic difficulties. Reviving the economy by way of boosting foreign investment is the crucial objective under the current conditions. Therefore, we focused more on the investment environment of the capital city.

Some of the article featured in the this edition covering a wide range of topics are as follows,

- Review on how the development of Ulaanbaatar city can be intensified through investment

- Interviews with Ts.Sandui, Chairman of the Citizen’s representative Khural and O.Amartuvshin, member Administrative Board of Directors

- Opinions of foreign investors and local businessmen on the opportunities the forum provides and the Mongolia’s business atmosphere.

- History of Mongolia’s Presidential Elections

- New development projects put into operation in 2016

- Coverage from the 11th International Mongolian Studies Conference

- Introduction to the Mongolian talents famous around the world

- Reasons Mongolian people love their Tsagaan Sar

- Captivating culture of Mongolian horses - 2017 tours events guide

- Expats’ life in Ulaanbaatar

- History of Ulaanbaatar architecture and many more. 

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