Rare archaeological finds are on display

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2017-05-03 15:49:20
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ A unique exhibition named ‘Rock Tomb Custom’ opened today, May 3 at the National Museum, unveiling over 90 archaeological findings unearthed from two different rock tombs discovered in Khovd aimag.
These two rock tombs were found in Urd Ulaan Uneet Mountain located in Myangad soum and Uzuur Gyalan in Munkhkhairkhan soum.
The Urd Ulaan Uneet mountain tomb was excavated in May 1-10, 2015 by a 3-member research team of the National Museum of Mongolia, comprising of J.Bayarsaikhan, E.Dashtseren and T.Tuvshinjargal who unearthed over 20 valuable archaeological finds such as body remains of a man, 100 cm long animal skin deel, 96.5 cm long badger fur coat, horse skin trousers, pair of boots, bow and 70.5-73 cm long 6 arrows, wooden saddle, knife and 19.1 cm tall wooden vase. Researchers speculate that the tomb dates back to the 4-6th century, era of Nirun state.
The second rock tomb referred as Uzuur Gyalan tomb is a main attraction of the 2-month exhibition because of the popular ‘Adidas boots’ unearthed from it. Discovered in 2010 by locals, and excavated by archaeologists of local Khovd University led by Ch.Munkhbayar in April 1-3, the rock tomb indeed became a media sensation for the rare archaeological finds it had maintained since the 10th century.
Archaeologists discovered 71 objects from the precious tomb including body remains of a woman in her 30s and a horse, 4 deels, 3 trousers, 5 caps, 3 pairs of boots and socks, set of horse tack, 7 cloths and other objects like a broken piece of a mirror, knife, comb, piece of silk and stone. Following the excavation, the finds were brought to Ulaanbaatar for restoration by the specialists of Mongolian Center of Cultural Heritage. The restoration work continued for over a year from May, 2016 to April, 2017, thus readying the rare pieces for public display.
As the exhibition opened, Ch.Munkhbayar, Chief of the research team expressed, “As an archaeologist, I feel rather proud to have been a part of the study on the Uzuur Gyalan site to unearth such priceless objects”.
However, fate of the over 90 archaeological finds coming from Khovd aimag remains uncertain for now as no decision has been taken on the placement of the objects. The Ministry in charge and the authorities of Khovd aimag are expected to reach an agreement on whether if the finds will be brought back to Khovd aimag or find home in the capital city.
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